Hot Doggin’ in Maine: Bloopers and Out-takes

These are some of the sillier/funnier moments from our recent mini Hot Dog Tour of Maine. Make sure to watch for Mrs. Hotdogman’s “cheese rant.”

Hot Digity Dog in Kennebunk, Maine

The second stop on our Hot Dog Tour of Maine found Mrs. HDM and I in the town of Kennebunk. Right on route 1, just before the bridge entering downtown is a cool hot dog truck called Hot Digity Dog. Here’s a taste of our visit. Find out more about our visit to Hot Digity […]

National Hot Dog Month 2011: Eugene’s Coffee and Hot Dogs in West Newton, MA

After my Doctor’s appointment today, I was starving because I’d fasted for 15 hours due to the blood tests I needed. There was a new little hot dog shop just a few miles from the office, so I went over for a dog- at 9:30 AM!! Eugene’s Coffee and Hot Dogs was a nice treat. […]

Hot Digity Dog

While cruising the Maine coast last weekend, The Hotdogman and Mrs. Hotdogman found ourselves in the beautiful town of Kennebunk.

Karen’s On a Roll

While driving down good old Route 1 in Wells (or was it Ogunquit), Maine I spied this sign and simply HAD TO STOP. I like to check out fellow hot dog truck operators when I get the chance.