Cooking Out: Pearls on the Grill

Day 21 of the National Hot Dog Month Tour found me cooking out with some Pearl Franks on the grill. We cooked the nitrite free, uncured beef franks Pearl produces for Trader Joe’s. They are excellent franks. The hot dog lovers on the guest list all raved. We slit them down the middle, fired them […]

That’s My Dog, Wrentham, MA

The National Hot Dog Month Tour stopped at That’s My Dog in Wrentham, MA for the 20th stop. Owner Mike Hogan was fired up and even had his family in attendance. Mike’s a busy guy- he works third shift at the Chrysler parts distribution center and runs his cart from 11AM to 2PM and does […]

Tex Barry’s in Taunton, MA

Day 19 of the National Hot Dog Month Tour found us back at Tex Barry’s- the Tex Barry’s in Taunton. The reason there are two businesses bearing the same name in such close proximity is Tex Barry’s used to be a franchise chain with 14 units. Only two remain: one in Attleborough and one in […]

Olneyville New York System, Providence, RI

Day 18 of the National Hot Dog Month 2012 Tour took us to the only stop in Rhode Island, to a little place that’s been knocking out Hot Wieners since 1946: Olneyville New York System. This iconic Providence landmark has been run by the Stevens family since 1946. Nicholas Stevens and his father Anthony started the […]

Beezers in Northborough, MA

Day 17 of the National Hot Dog Month Tour found us in Northborough, Massachusetts at the home of a new, old local favorite: Beezers. Owners Steve and Linda Bock, both Chicago natives, served the Metrowest area’s only authentic Chicago hot dogs. Their hot dog business is named after their oldest daughter (now 31) whose nickname […]

Tex Barry’s Coney Island Diner, Attleborough, MA

Day 16 of the National Hot Dog Month Tour brought us to an iconic, Worcester Lunch Car in Attleborough, MA called Tex Barry’s Coney Island Diner. Situated  on the edge of Ten Mile River, right off the center of town, Tex Barry’s has been a local institution since the 1960’s. Owner Arthur Bombardier is the second […]

Kool Kone, Wareham, MA

Day 15 of the National Hot Dog month Tour found me back in Wareham, MA at a popular summer shack called Kool Kone. If ever there was a day I’d like a hot dog delivered, today was the day. It was a hazy, hot, and humid New England Summer day- the kind best spent at […]

Dell’s Kitchen in Wareham, MA

Day 14 of the National Hot Dog Month Tour found me in Wareham, Massachusetts at the Wareham High School outdoor basketball courts where I found a trailer with delicious smells wafting out of it  in the parking lot: Dell’s Kitchen. Owner Della Silvia (and most of her family) greeted Little Miss and myself with warmth […]

Snappy Dogs in Hopkinton, MA

Day 13 brought the National Hot Dog Month 2012 Tour to Hopkinton, Massachusetts to a cute little trailer called Snappy Dogs. I promised the ladies some goodies, so I brought them each a National Hot Dog Month Tour tee shirt, graciously provided by the nice folks at DreamMaker Hot Dog Carts. A few weeks ago, […]

Yank’s Franks in Wells, Maine

Day 12 of the National Hot Dog Month Tour features a trip to Yank’s Franks in Wells, Maine. Mrs Hotdogman and I stopped in at Yank’s last summer, but owners George and Janice Yankowski have made a major change AND major news since then. The first big news is that Yank’s Franks recently won New England […]