Spikes and Yorr Dog Mill

Well this is a tough one!! I’m from New Bedford, MA and spent many a day as a kid watching Yaz round the bases chomping on a Fenway Frank – but since growing to the old age of 34 I have changed my mind about a true hot dog! I lived in Rhode Island up until 2 years ago and more than life itself it seems I miss my Spikes Junkyard Dogs.

OMG – THE best hot dogs anywhere (not including yours of course). Even though I am a woman, my personal favorite is “The Lonely Guy Dog” – mustard, scallions, chopped onions, and sauteed onions. My husband used to get so mad when I ate there! They have everything from the “Sinatra Dog” (have it your way is their saying”, the R.I. Grinder Dog, The junkyard dog (it even has pepperocini’s!), and finally my 2nd favorite the Patriot Dog – mustard, bacon, and cheddar. You have to check it out if you haven’t already – they do have one in Sommerville.

You absolutely MUST check out the menu – talk about delicious!!

I also remember a place in New Bedford called YORR DOG MILL-they were open at all hours of the night and their specialty was a cheese dog with the gooiest processed cheese. I lived right down the street and used to walk over during the summer and get a hot dog for lunch with my sister. Wow, that brings back memories! We spent many a days hanging out in front on Kempton Avenue just eating our dogs.

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