So Sabe’s in Onset, MA

National Hot Dog Month Tour stop number 7 was at So Sabe’s in Onset, MA. So Sabe’s is a little trailer parked in the parking lot of the Onset Four Square Church. this is a good thing, since the trailer is owned by Pastor Gerry Fernandes!

Fernandes has always liked hot dogs and thought the little trailer would be a nice addition to the community. So Sabe means “so good” in Cape Verdean and, as Pastor Fernandes says, “the name says it all.” In addition to hot dogs, they serve up traditional Cape Verdean fare- but the main focus is on the dogs. I did sample some Gufong- a squashed based bread (shaped kind of like a hot dog) that reminded me of corn bread.

Mrs. HDM and Little Miss joined me on this humid Saturday morning near picturesque Onset Bay to sample some of So Sabe’s chili dogs. Lucky for Mrs. HDM, the trailer was stocked with real American cheese slices in addition to the house standard cheese wiz. Little Miss got here standard half mustard, half plain.

There was also a local reporter on the scene and she did a nice write-up about our visit to So Sabe’s.

We yucked it up with Pastor Fernandes and number one So Sabe’s hot dog man, Rick “RAM” McGruder. Pastor Fernandes shared some hot dog memories with us and we had fun discussing different styles of hot dogs and learning a bit more about the colorful history of the building that houses the church. I brought by the standard passel of goodies that has punctuated this year’s National Hot Dog Month Tour for the guys too.

Once our hot dogs were ready, we chowed down. Mrs. HDM liked hers and I liked mine too- with both cheese styles represented, nobody was disappointed!

The dogs were delish and I got lots of good footage for the “dogumentary.”

Enjoy today’s video!

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  1. That looked like a fun place. I’m chomping at the bit for Monday when I finally get a chance into the Hot Dog Month proper.

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