Snappy Dogs and the Blustery Day

It was a brisk and blustery autumn day and Mrs. Hotdogman had the day off. We had some errands to run, so we took the convertible out for a spin. It was the type of day for the top down, glass up, and heat on.We took the scenic route for a portion of our journey to check out the muted foliage. The trees aren’t quite as colorful this year due to the dry summer.
This stuff looks real nice until it comes time to rake!

Our travels brought us to the picturesque town of Hopkinton, Massachusetts. The town common just oozes New England charm.
We were getting hungry, so I suggested another charming little place I know in Hopkinton,
I first visited Snappy Dogs back in late July. Since then, these two ladies have built quite a business and a brand name for themselves. They have a large and growing facebook following and their homemade hot dog toppings and desserts are the talk of the town.
I said it was a “brisk and blustery” day. That translates to COLD when the wind blows and you have nowhere to hide! The “open air” design of the Snappy Dog trailer makes it a day for “chilly dogs.”
That’s co-owner¬†Lisa Volpe-Hachey ¬†shrieking as a gust of wind chills her buns.
Owner/operators Theresa Boyce and Lisa Volpe-Hachey were making themselves some chicken broth to keep warm when we arrived!
Theresa told me she had hot dogs from my Hot Dog Truck a few years ago; I’m glad she’s carrying on the hot dog legacy!
The Snappy Dog Trailer has it’s charms: HEAT isn’t one of them. That’s why the gals are closing up shop for the season on November 20-the Saturday before Thanksgiving. They’re planning a “Turkey Day” hot dog for that day: a hot dog with stuffing, gravy and cranberry relish! After that, they’ve secured a local barn to store the Snappy Dog trailer for the winter. Expect Theresa and Lisa back in the parking lot of Colella’s Market in the spring (they’ll announce their re-opening on their facebook page).
If you’re looking for stocking stuffers this holiday season, stop by and get your favorite hot dog lover some Snappy Dollars-the Snappy Dogs version of a gift certificate- so they can enjoy the fine cuisine in 2011.
They’re thinking of spending the winter bottling and canning up their sauces to sell to customers. Lisa says they’ll definitely have the zucchini relish available for next Memorial Day weekend barbecue fun.
The home made toppings really are what makes Snappy Dogs special.
They have home made sauces too. In addition to the spicy wasabi mayo and the Dr. Pepper Barbecue sauce, today they were featuring a cranberry barbecue sauce.
They grill up a Big Dog- a quarter pound Pearl frank, a Little Dog, a 1/8 pound pearl frank or a Turkey Dog.
While your dogs are grilling, you can load up your fresh baked roll with the condiments.
I made one roll with zucchini relish, spicy slaw, and onion and another with cranberry relish, zucchini relish and onion
Mrs. Hotdogman made up one with cranberry relish, mustard and onion & another one with black bean and corn relish, mustard and onion. She took her dogs and and began to woof them down before I could get another picture!
Here’s my dogs all dressed. They look good, don’t they?
The dog on the left is the spicy slaw dog with brown mustard on top. The dog on the right is the cranberry relish dog with brown mustard and cranberry barbecue sauce on top.
I decided to go “old school” and chase my puppies with a Moxie.
It was too cold to mess around, to we sat down and
It wasn’t too cold for Mrs. Hotdogman to hide.
In addition to hot dogs, the homemade whoopie pies are supposed to be delish.
We opted for a Nutella whoopie pie and some caramel popcorn for dessert, YUMMY STUFF!
Mrs. Hotdogman gives Snappy Dogs TWO THUMBS UP!
So does the Hotdogman! Note Lisa photo bombing me in the background….
These gals clearly enjoy their work and they serve up a quality dog with exceptional toppings. They’ll be missed by many through the long New England winter. At least area hot dog lovers will have something to look forward to! Whether you get out there before the 20th or in the spring of 2011, make sure you tell Lisa and Theresa “the Hotdogman sent me!”
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