Snappy Dogs 2011

On a brisk, sunny June day, I turned the convertible toward the town of Hopkinton.
Hopkinton, as you may know, is where the world famous Boston Marathon starts. Thousands of runners go 26 miles from this statue to downtown Boston every Patriot’s Day- I don’t even like to DRIVE 26 miles!
At the corner of route 85 and 135 stands Colella’s Market, smack dab in the middle of downtown Hopkinton.
Out in the back parking lot, a few hundred yards south of route 135 on route 85, stands the coolest little hot dog trailer around: SNAPPY DOGS.
Snappy Dogs is owned and operated by partners Theresa Boyce and Lisa Volpe-Hachey. They’re known to their customers as Tall Theresa and Little Lisa.
There was quite a crowd here today…
…this guy came all the way from Australia for a Snappy Dog.
The dining room is snazzy by hot dog trailer standards…
…and it was soon filled to capacity.
Snappy Dogs is getting very well know for the plethora of home made hot dog toppings, all off which are home made by Theresa and Lisa. Lisa, by the way, is a classically trained chef from the Cordon Bleu School.
They have even started canning their relishes for purchase (sorry folks, no internet orders yet).
They also have yummy, homemade whoopee pies.
I was visiting on a Friday. That’s the day they create a specialty dog. Today’s special was the Birkenstock, named after the famous “hippy sandals.”
This guy had Birkenstocks and a Birkenstock dog!
They grill up either a quarter pound (the Big Dog) or an eighth of a pound (the Little Dog) ¬†Pearl frank at Snappy Dogs. All their rolls are fresh baked daily by the bakers in Colella’s Market.
Here’s a sample of some completed dogs.
Here’s my Birkenstock Dog.
A fun loving customer “photo bombed” me with the Snappy Dog “mascot.”
They serve all sizes of customers…
…there’s even a bucket of water for dogs who happen by.
I had Lisa make me a chili dog too. Her home made chili is an all meat concoction with three kinds of hot peppers. When it comes to Snappy Dog chili, it’s “go hot or go home.”
This place rocks! TWO THUMBS UP fer sher!
Make it a point to stop by Snappy Dogs before the summer is over and tell the gals, “the Hotdogman sent me!”
For the rest of the story, check out the video:

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  1. This looks like such a fun hot dog stand. Looking forward to visiting it later this month!

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