Sib’s Lunch Truck

While tooling through Framingham recently. I noticed this colorful flag….

…which alerted me to the presence of Sib’s Lunch.
(I actually didn’t need to be alerted-I’ve eaten here before-but the bright flag would alert even the most distracted passerby)
Sib’s is the Grand daddy (actually Grand mommy) of Metrowest area Hot Dog Trucks. She’s been in the Hot Dog Business for 22 years.


Owner Sylvia Pratt has been serving hot dogs and other comfort foods out of the Sib’s Lunch Hot Dog Truck for 22 years. She’s been at her current location at 165 Fountain Street in Framingham, Massachusetts for 16 of those 22 years. She’s married (sorry fellas) and her husband is retired from the neighboring Ashland Public Schools. He’s the guy who named the Hot dog truck Sylvia has been running all these years; his nickname for his wife is “Sib.”
Sib’s is open from late April/early May until mid November and when Sylvia is done for the season she moves about 110 yards to the Loring Arena in Framingham where she runs the concession stand. Sylvia has served more hot dogs than she can count between the two gigs over the years!


Sib’s menu is loaded with choices, but I always go for the hot dogs at this type of establishment….
I had to hold off on ordering since one of the regulars was chatting up Sylvia……
I got the two dog special to share, but #1 son was with me and he likes his dogs plain (at least he doesn’t put ketchup on a hot dog). PLAIN DOGS DON’T GET PHOTOGRAPHED ON HOT DOG STORIES! (unless they’re ordered by 5 year olds)
I got mine All Around (mustard, relish, and onions).
Then it was time to Chow Down!


Somehow a hot dog from a hot dog truck like Sib’s ALWAYS tastes better than a home-cooked dog! Sib steams both dog and bun and offers the standard condiments: mustard, onions, relish, and ketchup. If you are in Framingham and you don’t want some franchised crud, get yourself down to Sib’s Lunch at 165 Fountain Street in Framingham, Massachusetts. You won’t be sorry.


  1. Nancy Marsh says

    My mother ran Sib's lunch for 22 years. Sadly 2010 was her last year to run the business. She has decided to close down and take time for herself. I'm sure there are many other hot dog stands and establishments to buy hot dogs at but they will never compair to Sib's Lunch dogs. Not because she was my mother but because I don't like hot dogs but would eat a hot dog from her stand because there was just something speial about her dogs. I will not miss Sylvia as she is my mom and I get to see her all the time but I will miss her hot dogs and the trips to the hot dog stand with my children who loved to help their nana out at the stand. I hope all of Sib's lunch patrons will alwasy remember her as she tried to make all her customers feel special and developed relationships with all her regulars. One older gentlemen and his wife would even call her on the phone to see if she was ok if she hadn't been to work for a couple days due to an illness. This was the loyality she had from her customers for treating them so well and with respect. Sib's lunch may be closed but will be remembered by many for many years to come. Nancy Marsh

  2. kool story i like it. would love to buy the hot dog truck if she still has it and if i could afford it. i am sure ur hot dogs were good.

    • She actually does still have the hot dog truck. She stopped trying to see it over the winter but it is back up and ready for sale. If interested please contact me at [email protected]. It is my mother selling it but I am handling the ads for her. It is available for you to see at pretty much anytime. It is located in Ashland MA.

  3. diane kazdal says

    i have been talking for awhile about going in to the hot dog business . when i was young i had a ice cream truck, call freezer fresh . it was great .made money lots. had problems in marriage , long story ,no truck ,no marriage but two great kids. so i needed a job to support my family and i became a election . now i am getting old and i can not pick up all the heavy cabel and ext. so i would like to get a truck hot dog truck , i have it all down in my head how i would like to do this. i went to the town and got papers i need, and next is the truck, and the i can go on from there . i like the truck, i need to know if i can drive it to ny. is the truck engen in good shape to drive that far

    • Nancy Marsh says

      My apologies I just saw your message. It does have one issue that I believe they are willing to fix. It’s an older truck but I don’t see why you couldn’t drive it to NY. If your still interested contact me at [email protected] and I’ll be happy to put you in touch with Sib. Please put Hot Dog Truck in subject line

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