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Resto PoutineIn Montreal, we found ourselves at Resto Poutine on Crescent Street in Mrs. Hotdogman’s continuing quest to find the PERFECT Poutine. We polled a dozen family members as to who has the best Poutine in Montreal and we decided on this place. It’s inside a depanneur (Canadian for convenience store) and it couldn’t be more of a hole in the wall if it tried. This looked like a fantastic candidate!

Resto Poutine Fare

Besides Poutine, Resto Poutine has pizza and hot dogs. Despite the temptation to try a Michigan Dog (Canadian for Coney Island hot dog), we stuck to the Quebecoise delicacy. When you walk in to Resto Poutine, there’s a big sign that proclaims it’s “the best Poutine in Montreal;” you have to give them points for their pride!

The place is a somewhat grubby depanneur with a fryolator and grill – there’s equally grubby seating upstairs. It looked so grubby, they had to be trying! We ordered up and watched as the woman behind the counter loaded trays with fresh cheese curds while the fries cooked. She then dumped the fries onto the curds, added more curds, then doused the whole thing with savory brown gravy.

Mrs. Hotdogman’s eyes got wide with excitement and she had a huge smile on her face when she saw the Poutine coming out. Was Resto Poutine the Poutine Nirvana she’d been searching for?

I must say, my Poutine was fantastic. It had all the elements: crispy, brown fries; REAL, fresh cheddar cheese curds; an excellent gravy; and perfect “meltyness.” It was piping hot to boot – always a plus.

We ate our Poutine and discussed its merits. Mrs. Hotdogman had her opinions about her Poutine, but proclaimed mine “perfect!”

Resto Poutine is at 1246 Crescent Street, Montreal (diagonally across the street from Hurley’s Irish Pub). It’s in the nightlife area, so if you’re sinking back some beers at one of the many clubs and bars, it’s a good “after stop” to fill up before heading off to home.

If you stop in, tell them “Mrs. Hotdogman sent me!”

Enjoy the video.

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