Poutine at John Stone’s Inn, Ashland, MA

John Stone's Inn

John Stone’s Inn is located smack dab in the middle of downtown Ashland, MA. The place has been around since 1832. It no longer takes lodgers; the rooms upstairs have no electricity and they’re reputed to be haunted! The restaurant and bar on the first floor are still open for business and it’s a popular, local spot to grab a bite to eat or a libation or two.

John Stone's Inn Days of old

After finishing our Christmas shopping, Mrs. HDM and I decided to hop over to John Stone’s Inn for some lunch. They don’t have hot dogs, but they have Mrs HDM’s favorite food: Poutine! For those not in the know, Poutine is a delicious mess of a dish with french fries, cheddar cheese curd, and beef gravy. John Stone’s Inn has a twist on their version of poutine. We were both edging to try it!

John Stone's Inn

John Stone’s Inn is Haunted?

John Stone’s Inn was all decked out for Christmas and packed with lunch time patrons. Mrs HDM and I saddled up to the bar, grabbed a beer and ordered up. The bar has that old tavern feel to it. It ought to, it’s an old tavern! There are exposed beams, wood floors, and a big fireplace. While we were waiting for our food, we chatted up the bartender.

The Bar at John Stone's Inn

She told us the upper floors of John Stone’s Inn were really creepy. Legend has it that up to seven “male phantoms” occupy the Inn. Over the years, patrons have felt hands on their necks, bartenders have reported faucets turning themselves on and off, and glasses have flown off shelves. Sound more like Ghost Stories than Hot Dog Stories!

We ordered up a couple of beers, a turkey club and Mrs. HDM’s poutine. John Stone’s Inn is the only place in Metrowest that sells poutine and they add a very special ingredient: BACON! The only other time we’ve ever had Poutine in Massachusetts was at Roxy’s Gourmet Grilled Cheese Truck at the SOWA Open Market. It’s more of a Quebecoise thing, eh?

Check out the video of our visit to John Stone’s Inn.


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