Perry’s Sidewalk Cafe – National Hot Dog Month Day 8

Perry's Sidewalk Cafe National Hot Dog Month Hot Dog Stories 2013
Perry’s Sidewalk Cafe is a custom built hot dog cart built by “Chef Perry” 19 years ago when he found himself unemployed. For 18 seasons, you could find him in downtown Portland, Maine. This past spring, he relocated to the Tanger outlet center in Kittery, Maine. Portland’s burdgeoning food cart scene made for more competition in recent years and Perry wanted to be in a place with less competiton.

The Kittery Outlet Malls are proving to be a good spot for Perry’s Sidewalk Cafe. He plans on being out there until October, then finding a location in Florida or Arizona for the winter. In addition to hot dogs, he grills up Italian sausages with peppers and onions.

Perry’s Sidewalk Cafe Grills

Perry uses a  Commercial Grade Charbroil Stainless Steel Infrared Quantum Grill and serves up a grilled, quarter pound, kosher, all beef, Hebrew National Frank and serves them up with smokey sauteed onions and a variety of home-made condiments. He loves taking pictures of his patrons and posting them on his Facebook page. He’s served hot dog lovers from all over the world and he does his level best to be a good ambassador to Hot Dog Nation.

Perry clearly enjoys his work, too. He claims his customers are like extended family. He chats up everyone that comes in the vicinity of the cart, whether they’re buying a hot dog or not. Whether it’s the friendly banter, the supreme food, or some of Perry’s home-made lemonade or iced tea, you’re sure to leave Perry’s Sidewalk Cafe with a smile.

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