New York City Hot Dog Cart

A hot dog cart on every corner in NYC

I recently hopped down to New York City for a day to speak at Affiliate Summit East. The conference was at the New York Hilton in the heart of Manhattan, land of hot dog carts on every corner! There was no way I was going to skip an opportunity to eat in the land that made street meat famous, so on my way over to the hotel from the subway, I checked out a bunch of places.

Go Burger Truck in New York City

The Go Burger Food Truck looked appetizing, but I was on the hunt for hot dogs, so I trudged onward.

Hot Dog Cart on 53rd Street in New York City

This cart had all sorts of goodies besides hot dogs, but it was a bit far from the hotel, so I kept going. I was encouraged to see they carried Onion Crunch! The condiment has quickly become a staple on New York City hot dog carts.

Busy cart on 55th street in New York City

This cart on 55th Street was slammed. It’s right out in front of a big office building. It just goes to show you, even in a big city like New York, a good location for a hot dog business can make all the difference.

A hot dog cart on 54th Street in New York getting ready to open

This guy had just finished setting up for the day. He didn’t have hot dogs today though.

Hot Dog Cart across from the Hilton, New York

I spied this cart right across from the entrance to the hotel. It was a hot, muggy day in New York City, so the prospect of a little shade from the scaffolding looked promising.  I went into the hotel to check into the conference and meet up with my partner on the Shark Tank Blog, Kirk Taylor.

I cruised around the exhibit hall for a while to work up an appetite, and I ran into The King of the Swamp, Troy Landry from Swamp People! He was kind enough to snap a photo and give me a sound bite.

Hotdogman and Troy Landry from Swamp People

We had a brief chat about making alligator sausage, and by the time I was through talking with him, I was hungry. I made my way back out to the hot dog cart out front and ran into a surprise guest!

Check out the video to see who it was…..

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I enjoy traveling and eating hot dogs wherever I am. I like to sample the local variations of America's favorite encased meat and discovering the stories behind the hot dog, the vendor, and the regional preferences. I also write about How to Start a Hot Dog Business, The Hot Dog Truck, The Shark Tank, and I have a personal blog, RobMerlinodotCom


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