Naughty Dawgs Express in Dartmouth, MA

Naughty Dawgs Express

National Hot Dog Month Tour stop number 29 brought myself, Little Miss, the Photobomber, and Miss Camera Shy to Naughty Dawgs Express in Dartmouth, MA. It’s very rare to have my teen gals accompany me on a Hot Dog Story (neither of them eat hot dogs), so this was an extra special outing.


It wasn’t the best beach day, so I was in no rush. When the gals spied this playground across the street, they wanted to blow off some steam. I was happy to oblige them.

The gals on the playground

In a rare moment of sisterly cooperation, the three of them played nicely together. Little Miss is a Hot Dog Stories veteran; she let the big kids rule the day on the playground, but when it was time to get to lunch, she took control!

Naughty Dawgs Express interior

The inside of Naughty Dawgs ought to tell you what part of the country this little hot dog stand is in!

le menu

The menu has lots more than hot dogs, although they are the featured item. Naughty Dawgs has their own special Coney sauce. The gals and I ordered up.

naughty dawg napkins

All the napkin dispensers feature photos of employee’s dogs.

le chef

The chef of the day was hard at work filling orders.

Photobomber and Miss Camera Shy

Photobomber and Miss Camera Shy were up to there usual shenanigans.

Little Miss' dog

Little Miss ordered up one with mustard (her dad is bringing her up right) with a boatload of fries.

Coney Island Dog

I got a Coney Dog with onions, mustard and Coney sauce. I ate Little Miss’ fries too!

Little Miss Chows Down at Naughty Dawgs

Little Miss CHOWED DOWN.

Chowing Down at Naughty Dawgs

I, of course, Chowed Down too! So did the other girls, but HEAVEN FORBID they let me take their picture!

Enjoy the video!


Happy National Hot Dog Month

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  1. Hey! I am Janis’s daughter, Lacey. My mother (Janis) is the owner of ND Dartmouth. So glad you enjoyed yourself over at Naughty Dawgs. I was hoping you could send me some of those pictures? I’d like to use them on the Facebook page I am making for the business. Thanks!

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