National Hot Dog Month 2011: That’s My Dog in Plainville, MA

For the 30th stop on the journey to eat a hot dog a day in honor of National Hot Dog Month, Little Miss and I pulled off 495 on our way to the beach to lunch at a little hot dog cart called That’s My Dog. It’s a cute little cart run by a guy named Mike Hogan who is very dedicated to his craft.

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  1. Ed lucas says

    Rob, you missed a great hot dog spot in Rockport, MA. Topdog of Rockport on Bearskin Neck is one of the best we have ever tasted. Steamed or grilled with lots of toppings and combos make this place a favorite when we are in the area. The fresh clams and lobster rolls don’t hurt the visit. Try it some time this summer as it is a seasonal restaurant.

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