Montreal Poutine

Montreal PoutineI know this site is called Hot Dog Stories, but Montreal Poutine was my latest stop. They DO have hot dogs there, but we stopped in for Mrs. Hotdogman’s favorite dish: POUTINE! For those who don’t know, Poutine is a dish originating and served in Provence Quebec that consists of french fries, cheddar cheese curds, and beef gravy. Just like hot dogs, Poutine is very regionalized and differing gravy recipes often determine patrons’ loyalty to a particular Poutine joint.

Montreal Poutine in the Old Port

Old Port Montreal

Montreal Poutine is a little restaurant in Montreal’s Old Port. It’s in a charming old granite building with a little courtyard out back for dining al fresco. As you’d expect at a place called “Montreal Poutine,” the specialty of the house is Poutine. You can get “les burgers,” “les salads,” or “les pizzas,” but Poutine is what we were looking for.

Montreal Poutine Menu

Mrs. Hotdogman is a world-renowned Poutine connoisseur, so she was up for a visit to the dually eponymously named joint for some good old Québécois yumminess. I happen to like the stuff, too, so I was more than happy with our lunch choice.

Old Port Montreal Poutine

It was a positively GLORIOUS DAY in Montreal, so before lunch we strolled along the waterfront, rented a paddle boat, and browsed around the many shops and galleries in the Old Port.

Poutine History

There are conflicting stories about how and where Poutine was first invented, but everyone agrees on one thing: when it was first created, someone said  “ça va faire une maudite poutine” (“That’s going to make a damn mess”). It may be a mess, but it is one damn delicious mess!

Little Miss, Mrs. HDM, and I found a seat in the courtyard and chatted up our waitress a bit before ordering. Then it was time to Mange’ Bas!

Enjoy the video.


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