Merry Christmas Hot Dogs

With all the holiday hullabaloo, there just hasn’t been much chance to get to a quality hot dog joint. Little Miss likes her dogs, so she asked me to cook some up at home for supper one night.
We use Kayem Old Time Franks in our house-just like at my old Hot Dog Truck.
Here they are ready to go in the double boiler.
The bottom half of the double boiler is filled with the “leftovers” from the onion I chopped up, a little water, and a half a beer.

Half for the hot dogs and half for me!
While I’m enjoying my beverage, I make sure the condiments are all set.
The Coleman’s Mustard is first to get set up.
It’s powdered, you mix it with a little water and let it set for ten minutes or so. This stuff is HOT!
We always have baked beans with hot dogs at home.
I always butter (or margarine) grill my buns at home too.
While I’m waiting for the pan to heat up and the water to boil, I indulge in another beer! (I LOVE cooking)
Looks like it’s boiling.
Now I just pierce the doggies with a fork…
…and pop the top of the double boiler onto the pot. I’ll let them boil for a minute or two and then I’ll bring the heat down to low. The steam will cook them up quite nicely.
On to the buns!
They’re buttered up and ready for the pan. MMMMM. Grilled buns rule.
The dogs look done.
Time to start putting them together.
Little Miss is having one plain and one with mustard.
I am making a “pseudo Chicago” dog: tomatoe wedges, pickle, relish, onions and Coleman’s mustard; and a good old fashioned bean dog: baked beans, onions and mustard. Looking good, eh?
Time to……

Little Miss, Mrs. Hotdogman (camera shy tonight) and the Hotdogman have had a lot of fun doing our Hot Dog Stories this past year. We went to over 30 different hot dog joints (some more than once) and had a great time meeting all the owners and operators. We’ll be back to see some (or all) of them again in 2011. We plan to have Hot Dog Stories on VIDEO in the new year! Look for the next installments of Hot Dog Stories to begin in mid January of 2011. Thanks for reading and thanks for eating hot dogs.

The Hotdogman, Little Miss and the rest of the gang wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a peaceful, safe and prosperous New Year. Here’s hoping 2011 is
for everyone !!!
Tell Santa, “the Hotdogman sent me!”


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