Mad Dogs Hot Dogs in Venice, FLA 2012

I made my first visit to Mad Dogs Hot Dogs in Venice, FLA last year with Mrs. HDM and Little Miss. Mitch and Maria have been “grooming the Mad Dog” and they are just about ready to open their second location.

They are currently set up out on the Tamiami Trail in an old coffee kiosk they remodeled. It’s very reminiscent of a hot dog truck due to its small size. The new location wasn’t open yet, but it’s right on 41, across from the Venice Avenue bridge, smack in the middle of downtown Venice. The new joint wasn’t open yet- they are waiting on some paperwork from the state to go through before they can cut the ribbon. Mitch gave me the keys and I took a peek around. Looks like it will be a funky little place- with a bit more room to sit and socialize.

Mad Dogs has a unique concept. They emulate regional hot dogs from around the country. You can get a Chicago Dog, a Jersey Ripper, a Pink’s style chili dog, and the list goes on. They use the authentic, regionally produced franks for each of their creations, to make it more authentic. The couple came up with the concept because so many people in Florida are from somewhere else. Mad Dogs brings those folks a taste of home.

They have only been in business for two years, so they are having success in the hot dog business. Maybe some day, they’ll be a chain and I can say “I knew them when.” I shot some video of my visit and Maria told me about their newest creation- the European Dog. I won’t spoil it for you, but I will say it has a special bun.

Pretty soon, if you want a hot dog in Venice that tastes like home, you’ll have two Mad Dogs to choose from!

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