Larry Joe’s New Stage

Larry Joe's New England Fire Pit at Westwood Lumber in Mendon, MA

If you’re looking for Larry Joe’s New England Fire Pit, you can now find Sir Lawrence of Frankfurter in the parking lot of Westwood Lumber at 23 Cape Road (that’s route 140) in Mendon, MA. Larry was asked to leave his past location when new owners purchased the property. The new owners screwd up IMHO, they will realize it when they don’t get all those sales from Fanatic Fans of Larry Joe’s New England Fire Pit.

Russ from Westwood Lumber

One thing is for sure, the folks at Westwood Lumber are glad Larry is pulling the Fire Pit into their lot. Westwood Lumber manager Russ Pinault say’s he’s “enjoying Larry and looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship.” Russ was indoctrinated into the Fanatics on Wednesday, August 8. He confesses to enjoying a light supper Wednesday night!

Larry and Andrew Joe

Larry’s son, Andrew, was helping out today. Andrew stands about six foot one and weighs 240 pounds or so. The Senior football standout helps dad out when he’s not studying or practicing (double sessions start in a few weeks). Larry’s lucky to have him; if the van ever breaks down, Andrew looks like he could easily pull the trailer home on his own!

Customers at the Fire Pit

It wasn’t the busiest day. Larry and I chatted a bit about the effect moving a hot dog business has on customer traffic.

New Fanatics

These Fire Pit virgins scooted over from a nearby industrial park. Larry gave them the full show: history lesson, concerto, and a Pit Dog!

With cranberry relish and barbecue sauce

This Pit Dog is a smoked, one half pound, Pearl all beef frank with cranberry relish and barbecue sauce.

all around Pit Dog

Here’s one with mustard, onions, and relish. The guys were blown away and vowed to return.

Larry Joe sings the blues

Here’s Larry Joe singing the blues. He claims he’s earned the right to sing the blues after the year he’s had! I am glad Larry landed in a friendly place. It’s only about a mile from the old location. Instead of taking that left at the light (coming from 495) to follow 126, stay straight on Hartford Avenue and bang a left at the first set of lights. Westwood Lumber is a few hundred yards down the road on the right!

There are three videos from this visit. The first is Larry’s story about the new location. The other two feature Larry on the ivories. In the second video, two new Fanatics are born!

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