Larry Joe’s New England Fire Pit in Bellingham, MA

Larry Joe's New England Fire Pit

The National Hot Dog Month 2012 Tour stopped in Bellingham, Massachusetts today for lunch at one of the most entertaining, delicious, and extreme hot dog joints anywhere: Larry Joe’s New England Fire Pit. Larry Joe has only been open a few days- he was closed for 26 weeks after a fire devastated his old trailer on December 9, 2011.

Six months and two trailer manufacturers later, Larry Joe’s New England Fire Pit has returned to the parking lot of Larry’s Package Store (no relation) on route 126 in Bellingham. Drew and I arrived early to get a shot of Larry pulling in with the new rig. When he arrived, he promptly put us to work setting up tables and chairs, filling coolers, and placing signage!

Cooler at larry joe's

Oh the things I will do for a hot dog! Before long, Larry had the grill ready to go.

larry joe cooking

As the dogs were smoking over hickory wood, Larry broke out the new keyboard and favored the growing crowd with a few tunes.

Larry Joe tickles the ivories

As he was entertaining us, the crowd grew to over a dozen people. Larry Joe doesn’t serve up fast food, his frankfurters take time to smoke. Larry Joe serves up half pound, all natural, all beef, natural casing Pearl Franks that are marinated in warm apple juice, molasses, and “a few other ingredients.” Regular patrons know the routine (and like the impromptu floor shows), so everyone waited patiently. Once the first batch of Pearls was deemed ready by Sir Lawrence, he gave the OK to hang out the “OPEN” flag!


It didn’t take long for Larry Joe to serve everyone in line, including yours truly!  Larry fixed me up a half pound monster with his special mustard blend, home made relish, onions and Onion Crunch.

Half Pound Pearl from Larry Joe's New England Fire Pit

Drew got the same as me and we chowed down!

Chowing Down at Larry Joe's

As a token of appreciation, I gave Larry one of our tour tee shirts, supplied by DreamMaker Hot Dog Carts.

Larry Joe gets a National Hot Dog month Tour Tee Shirt

Larry Joe’s New England Fire Pit is the second of the “Three Pearls” we’ll be visiting this week. Hot dog lovers and Fanatic Fans are lucky to have Larry and the Fire Pit back in action. Eating here is close to a religious experience for encased meat enthusiasts!


Happy National Hot Dog Month from The Fire Pit!

Enjoy the videos!

Check out Andrew Bennett’s great photos on The Hot Dog Stories  Facebook Page.

The National Hot Dog Month 2012 Tour is brought to you by:
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  1. Love this place. I just ate there today and got the traditional “big dog” it’s the only way to go. It was tragic to hear about the old trailer but the new trailer is even better than the old one.

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