On a recent trip to Montreal, the Hotdogman family went out in search of some true Canadian cuisine. Mrs. Hotdogman wanted poutine, so we Googled the closest Lafleur’s (on the corner of Rue Saint Jacques in Lachine-a borough of Montreal). Lafleur’s is a favorite of Mrs. Hotdogman‘s family and Alan Archibald- of Archie’s on a Roll fame, so we decided to load up the kids and head on down there for some dinner.

Lafleur’s has been a staple on the Montreal food scene for nearly 60 years. In the words of founder, Denis Vinet:  “Lightning-fast service, personalized and with courtesy, combine to a meal that tastes real good: here is what I want to share with you dear customers.” Hot Dogs are a big part of their menu-I’m told the burgers are good too- but this aint “Hamburger Stories.”

With “lightening fast service” promised, we didn’t have time for the usual shenanigans. We checked out le menu and our counter servers Sam and Chantel got right down to taking our orders.

Chantel was digging the whole “Hot Dog Stories” concept, but it didn’t stop her from correcting the Hotdogman‘s sketchy French.

Rather than re-live the trauma of my high school French classes, I checked out the dining room options.
There was an al fresco option on the spacious patio.

We opted for the more spartan, indoor option since patio dining, busy streets and three kids under 6 don’t always make for a relaxing meal. Come to think of it, dining with three kids under 6 is never relaxing!

Little Miss got her standard, plain hot dog. Lafleur’s steams up their own house brand of hot dogs. It’s reminiscent of the Shields franks from Maine- spicier than a Kayem.
There would be no messing around for the Hotdogman on this night. I ordered up two “Michigan Dogs” with the works and a heap-o-fries. Don’t worry folks, the ketchup is for the fries! A Michigan Dog is a dog topped with a tomato based meat sauce, like the sauce we had at Archie’s on a Roll.

Mrs. Hotdogman got her favorite food in the world: POUTINE.

You just can’t top a meal like this off with anything but a Coke (apple juice for Little Miss).

It didn’t take long before it was time to CHOW DOWN.
Little Miss is “relishing” her newfound star status on Hot Dog Stories and wanted a shot of her eating her own hot dog.

The Hotdogman Takes a bite…

Mrs. Hotdogman said something to the effect of  “don’t you dare take my @#$% picture while I’m eating!”

Chantel and Sam pose for a picture while Jesse makes some more dogs in the background (sorry Jesse, your picture came out blurry).

Little Miss gives Lafleur’s jusqu’à deux pouces!

The next time you find yourself in Montreal and you’re looking for serious comfort food, be sure to check out the nearest Lafleur’s. Remember to tell them “Le Hot Dog Man m’a envoyé!”

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