Kool Kone, Wareham, MA

kool kone

Day 15 of the National Hot Dog month Tour found me back in Wareham, MA at a popular summer shack called Kool Kone. If ever there was a day I’d like a hot dog delivered, today was the day. It was a hazy, hot, and humid New England Summer day- the kind best spent at the beach, if possible. I was dunking in the water every ten or fifteen minutes to stay cool.

at the beach

A vendor I have been chasing around for a Sunday visit wasn’t going to be at their spot, so I mulled popping over to New Bedford, but I didn’t want to leave the beach for any longer than I had to. Kool Kone is close by where the family was recreating for the day and they serve hot dogs, so I loaded up Little Miss and my niece (who’s been dying to accompany us) into the car and headed on over.

I ate at a little beach shack run by Kool Kone last year and I have been down to the main location many times for ice cream and fried clams, but I have never eaten a hot dog at Kool Kone. Today was the day.

heather from kool kone

The two managers on duty each got a tour tee shirt and Manager Heather chatted us up a bit. There was no real good “dogumentary” material recorded today, but it was a fun, quick visit.

kool kone menu

They make a grilled dog on a grilled bun (a Hotdogman FAVORITE) at Kool Kone and they have a plethora of toppings, but since it was so hot, I just got a dog “all around” (mustard, onions, relish). Little Miss got her standard half mustard On the way over, I convinced my niece to try mustard on her hot dog instead of ketchup, so this was to be a rite of passage for the 16 year old. She ended up getting half ketchup, half mustard, but once she tasted mustard on her hot dog, she claimed she was converted!

Kool Kone National Hot Dog month Tour July 15 dogs

The three of us sat down, and CHOWED DOWN!

chowing down at Kool Kone

They were good!

Thumbs up for Kool Kone


Happy National Hot Dog month from Kool Kone


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