Ketchup? On a Hot Dog?

I have a certain opinion about putting ketchup on a hot dog. There are specific rules on the subject too. During my recent trip to Las Vegas for Affiliate Summit West, I roamed the conference and asked “the Question.”

The results are epic.


  1. Cute video! Thanks for including me….giggle and all. šŸ™‚

  2. Inspiring and educational. Glad that Centurian didn’t take you up on the violence. And Tricia – the giggle was great.

  3. I’m left to eat Pastrami Burrito dogs to avoid the ketchup. What a guy has to do to survive in this world….

  4. Haha, Lesko was awesome. Nice video.


  1. […] Las Vegas too. I was much more prepared this time. I even had a press pass! I shot the now famous Do You Put Ketchup on Your Hot DogsĀ video and once again had a great time. I met many more people and made many more connections. This […]

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