Help Fund The National Hot Dog Month Film

Once again in July of 2012, I will eat a hot dog a day for the entire month to celebrate National Hot Dog Month. This year, we have some corporate sponsors, but in order to realize our goal of making a feature length documentary, we need a few dollars more.

Contributors get a month of publicity and credit in the film. Funders also get a copy of the DVD.

National Hot Dog Month is a fun project that gets year round attention, but in July, the tour is all over the media. Current corporate sponsors include Pearl Franks, Kodak, and Onion Crunch. We are actively seeking more sponsors and are opening up sponsorship opportunities to the general public. For as little as ten bucks, you can get credit on some of the videos to advertise your business or to express your love of the All-American food: the hot dog.

The film will look at hot dog joints through the lens of American culture and entrepreneurship. It will be informative, poignant, and lots of fun.

Every day, I will travel to a different venue to have a frank, meet the owner, and chat up the customers. We have been well received in the past and everyone has a great time. This year, we’ll be attending the Pearl Franks factory, ┬áminor league baseball games, roadside carts, iconic diners, and a couple of cookouts.

We’ll talk to vendors about how they got started and why they chose the hot dog business. We’ll sample grilled, steamed, and fried dogs with a wide variety of toppings. We will definitely encounter some characters!

Please consider being part of this epic project and film. We are crowd funding at IndiGoGo, and you can help fund the project HERE. Every little bit helps!

Thanks for your support and keep on Doggin’!

About hotdogman

I enjoy traveling and eating hot dogs wherever I am. I like to sample the local variations of America's favorite encased meat and discovering the stories behind the hot dog, the vendor, and the regional preferences. I also write about How to Start a Hot Dog Business, The Hot Dog Truck, The Shark Tank, and I have a personal blog, RobMerlinodotCom

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