German Dogs

When we lived in Germany many years ago I remember the guy on the corner with his cart. He had a bunch of really long, really sharp heated spikes. Onto those spikes he put these really long buns. They were almost like baguettes.

A seamless hot dog roll jammed onto a heated spike. When he served you a hot dog he asked if you wanted mayonnaise or mustard (I don’t think they had ketchup) and he squirted your choice of condiment down the hole of the bun. Then, he loaded in the really long hot dog. I swear they had to have been almost a foot long. But, it was really cool because you didn’t get anything on your fingers. The only opening to the bun was at the end that had been jammed onto the spike. I’ve never seen such a thing in the US, but I’m sure it would be a terrific hit.

Submitted by Lady Sky Fyre

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