Gary’s Best in New Bedford, MA

Gary's Best

Stop number 22 on the National Hot Dog Month Tour was at Gary’s Best in New Bedford for some breakfast hot dogs. We stopped at Gary’s Best last summer, it’s the only stop where I had two hot dogs last summer. The reason I had two was the delicious and unique linguica sauce. Mrs. HDM, Little Miss, and myself hopped in the car early this morning with the sole purpose of getting hot dogs for breakfast.

Street view Gary's Best

Gary’s Best is a tiny but tidy little shack.

Gary's Best Menu

Gary’s Best has a simple menu that highlights the hot dog. They are in their 28th year of the hot dog business. Owner Joe Franco and I talked for quite a while, but he was a tad camera shy this morning. Rachel stood in for Joe as Gary’s Best’s spokesperson.

Rachel at Gary's Best

Rachel got an official tour tee shirt for being such a good sport.

DreamMaker Hot Dog Tour tee shirt

She told me about their new Rodeo Dog which has honey mustard barbecue sauce and Onion Crunch.

Rodeo Dog at Gary's Best

I looked around while I was waiting. Gary’s Best has a lot of old Sunbeam bread memorabilia.

Sunbeam open Sign

This 1957 Sunbeam Bread Trailer is scheduled to be restored soon.

Sunbeam Trailer

At 10 in the morning, there aren’t a ton of people in the spacious dining room.

dining room at Gary's Best

Rachel gave us our dogs and we sat to chow down.

our dogs at Gary's best

We chowed down as a family this morning.

chowing down at gary's best

Owner Joe Franco answered a lot of questions on camera for the “dogumentary,” but preferred to let the hot dogs (and Rachel) be the star of today’s video. That didn’t stop him from yukking it up with the lovely Mrs. Hotdogman! Joe’s a great guy who does a lot for the New Bedford community.

Joe Franco of Gary's Best with Mrs. HDM

Enjoy today’s video.


Happy National Hot Dog Month

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