Famous Franks – National Hot Dog Month Day 18

Famous Franks

Famous Franks in North Grosvenordale, Connecticut is a rare gem of a place that’s been embraced by this northeastern Connecticut community. Owner Dan Rainey has a lot to do with the success of Famous Franks. He’s a corporate refugee who has built himself a home in the hot dog business. His customers come in for Dan’s edgy wit and sarcastic banter as much as they do for the food.

Famous Franks makes Coney Dogs

Dan has a whole host of hot dog options, but he put Coney Dogs on his sign, so that’s what I went looking for. Dan uses a recipe from his friend’s 75 year old father; as is the case with any solid Coney Island hot dog joint, Dan’s not sharing the recipe! Dan opened Famous Franks 6 years ago and has become somewhat of a local hot dog legend in these parts. He also has burgers, pulled pork, steak and cheese -you name it, he’s got it.

Dan built out Famous Franks with some help from his buddies and he designed a comfortable, diner-like space with booth and counter seating. The air conditioning was going full blast the day I was there and the place was packed with customers. Dan and his customers good naturedly joke with each other, which adds a whole other dimension to the “Famous Franks experience.”

You can check out their menu on the Famous Franks website and follow the hot dog business on their Facebook Page. The next time you’re rolling down Route 12, stop in for a Coney Dog and be sure to tell Dan “the Hotdogman sent me!”

Enjoy the video.

I shoot Hot Dog Stories with a Kodak Zi8 camera with an Audio Technica ATR288W VHF Battery-Powered TwinMic Microphone System, a Flip Ultra HD camera, and a 60″tripod. I edit with Cyberlink PowerDirector 11 Ultimate. I will also take some stills with my new Canon EOS Rebel Camera.

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  1. I always loved a good hot dog since I was a kid.. Been in the food business 38 years .. Originally from Ct. moved to Rutland, Vermont 34 years ago. Worked as a Chef in a number of high end restaurants and missed having a good hot dog. So I opened a Hot Dog cart 25 years ago as a hobby and got burnt out in the restaurant business and decided to go full time Hot Dog man about 14 years ago and been doing it since. I serve All my Homemade Toppings: Hot Relish, Sweet Red onion Sauce , Sauerkraut and Chili… All Homemade…. Award Winning

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