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echo valley meats snappy dogs world series dogOne of the perks of being the Hotdogman and the Shark Tank Blogger is I get sent stuff, like hand butchered hot dogs from Echo Valley Meats! Dave Alwan, owner of Echo Valley Meats, was on Shark Tank in season 4 and had an update segment in season five. He sent me about three TONS of meats, including some of his special family recipe hot dogs.

Echo Valley Meats Hot Dogs

Echo Valley Meats hot dogs are hand butchered, pork and beef dogs in a hog casing. Dave uses a recipe handed down from “the old country,” Germany. I wanted to grill some up, so I drove out to Hopkinton to see Lisa and Teresa at Snappy Dogs. They were celebrating the first night of the World Series with a special World Series Dog (that’s a picture of it at the top of the page).

As usual, the ladies were fun and welcoming. Teresa is an artist on the grill, when she was done cooking up the hot dog, it looked almost too pretty to eat! I just put mustard on my dog today because I wanted to taste the Echo Valley Meats goodness. I’d usually slather it with Lisa’s spicy slaw, red onion relish, and hot mustard, but today, the hot dog was the star.

We yucked it up for a while. Snappy Dogs is a great place to just go hang out; everyone is friendly and there’s always good conversation to go along with the yummy food.

We’re going to cook up another pack of Echo Valley Meats Hot Dogs at home, but I’m glad I was able to share with the Snappy Dogs ladies. I wonder if Dave will make a “food service” version of his hot dogs, they are WICKED GOOD and they’d be great on any hot dog truck!

Enjoy the video of my visit.

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