Dream Maker Hot Dog Carts

A hot dog cart is a good point of entry for many people who want to get into the hot dog business. There are lots of good choices when purchasing a new hot dog cart, you can also find a lot of good used carts or even Build Your Own Hot Dog Cart.

It just so happens I was vacationing in Florida, not too far from Dream Maker Hot Dog Carts in St. Petersburg, so I decided to drop by and check the place out. Reed Coffman, all around manager, salesman, shipping coordinator and (on this day) tour guide showed me the entire operation.

Dream Maker is a one stop shop for Florida hot dog men and women. They will sell you a cart, get all your state permits for you, and act as a commissary too. All their carts are built right in St. Pete, so they’re keeping everything Made in the USA!

Dream Maker ships their hot dog carts all over the world. On the day I visited, they were shipping a cart to North Carolina and a custom trailer to Massachusetts. They were also building a bunch of carts to ship to Jamaica. They’ll custom build carts with pretty much any feature you’d need, they can even make an indoor, electric model.

I saw the whole operation from the office, to the warehouse to the manufacturing facility. Reed even steered me to a local vendor so I could see one of their hot dog carts in action. It was a fun and educational morning, I was sorry to miss the “big boss,” Joel, who was out of town, but everyone else was very nice and accommodating.  I even managed to have a little fun with Reed and some of the other employees.

I shot a video while I was there. Check it out.

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  1. This was wonderful!!! Great Job Rob!!!!! Thank you!!!

  2. I see that in Reed’s amended answer he not only removed ketchup from his answer, but more importantly he dropped the reference to mayonaise.
    Good job, Reed.
    And, good job, Rob!

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