Donna’s Dawgs in Middleboro, MA

Donna's Dawgs

National Hot Dog Month Tour stop number 28 brought myself and Little Miss to Donna’s Dawgs in Middleboro, MA. One word describes this little hot dog stand on route 28 (and it’s owner): ADORABLE. Donna Vickery, a long time food service worker and bartender, started Donna’s Dawgs a couple of years ago.

Little Miss at Donna's Dawgs

Little Miss and I arrived early on a Saturday morning to meet Donna. Little Miss made friends with the big guy out front.

Donna Vickery, owner of Donna's Dawgs

When we went inside, owner Donna Vickery greeted us with a warm smile and good, old fashioned hot dog hospitality. Donna is a long time veteran of the food biz who had a vision of ” a little yellow hot dog stand.” Her vision has become a reality!

Donna's son- an Afghanistan vet

If there’s one thing Donna is more proud of than her hot dog business, it’s her son: he’s a decorated veteran who served in Afghanistan.

Wall of Heroes

Donna honors ALL heroes in her hot dog stand; there’s an entire wall dedicated to veterans of all ages and police and firefighters. Donna believes in honoring those who honor the rest of us with their service.


Donna’s pal, Deb, helps out at the shop and runs a graphics design firm out of the back of the building. Deb also pitches in with- ahem- marketing.

Little Miss Hot Dog

Donna managed to enlist Little Miss as a “marketing assistant” as well!

Wrought iron bike

Donna has decorated the place with all sorts of funky stuff.

ketchup and mustard rose bush

There’s even a ketchup and mustard rose bush. Ketchup may be a “no-no” on hot dogs, but it’s OK on roses!

The Hotdogman

The Hotdogman even got into the act!


Donna had all sorts of hot dog related costumes. Little Miss tried them all. She shows her true feelings about ketchup on a hot dog while wearing this costume.

Jalapeno Pearls at Donna's Dawgs

I got into the act by playing Hot Dog Santa (sans costume). I brought a tour tee shirt, Onion Crunch, and Jalapeno Pearl Franks for our host. Donna cooked up the franks and handed them out to customers.

Deb chows down

Deb tried a Jalapeno Pearl Frank with Onion Crunch.

My chili dog at Donna's Dawgs

Donna made me a chili dog which I topped with mustard, onions, and Onion Crunch.

little Miss chows down

Little Miss got her standard half mustard, half plain; she didn’t even wait for me to chow down!

chowing down at Donna's Dawgs

I chowed down too!

We had a WONDERFUL visit with Donna and Deb at Donna’s Dawgs. Donna wanted Little Miss to hang out and help with service. I wish Donna and Deb the best with their respective businesses and Donna’s Dawgs is a place we’ll definitely hit up again. It’s a real family friendly hot dog joint with real heart and soul.

Enjoy the video.


Happy National Hot Dog Month

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  1. Great story, great looking Hot Dog Joint! I can’t wait to get there. I absolutely love the colors of the building.

  2. Donna and I had a ball with you and Lil Miss. Absolute pleasure! Thanks for the great write up and the PR! See you again soon. Hope Lil Miss enjoys her custom made cup with thumbs down ketcup and her with Donna for a LONG time. :0) Great job looking forward to the video.

  3. i am a verry well known customer down here at donnas dawgs. i live just down the street and i come down almost every single day and not just for there extrodinary hospitailty. the main reason i absolutly love to come down to the best hot dawg place in the state is for there incredably amazing hot dawgs. i personal love a heavy coat of cheese with tons of banna peppers. its a great chill spot for everybody in the neighborhood. not only is donna an ammazing person she is also an ammazing hostess. i can deffinatley see comming down here tll the day it closses. and who cant miss a bright yellow building on wareham S.T


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