Dog n Claw

Little Miss and I took a trip to the New England Aquarium. She was lucky enough to get chosen to go on stage for the sea lion demonstration!

After all that activity, we were looking for some lunch. We spied this snazzy looking kiosk out in front of the Aquarium.
Miguel, our server, informed us that the kiosk is owned by the Aquarium.

It’s definitely a sharp looking set up. There are steam wells, ample storage, refrigeration and full power inside. The kiosk is constructed with pre-fabricated, aluminum walls and a copper roof. It’s not tow-ready; it gets wheeled inside each night on casters.
We checked out the menu….

Checked out the additional “premium” toppings.

..and ordered up a couple of dogs. Miguel didn’t know what kind of dogs they were.

You dress them yourself at Dog n Claw.

They had some good looking relish.

Little Miss got one with mustard.

I loaded up with the green and red relish and splattered mustard on top (I HATE those pump dispensers).

Time to CHOW DOWN!

Little Miss got a second, plain dog.

Chowing down again.

Little Miss gave it two thumbs up.

The Hotdogman was underwhelmed. This was a pedestrian dog that was overpriced. The relish was OK, but nothing to rave about. What was missing here was PERSONALITY. There’s something about the Hot Dog joint’s OWNER showing the dogs the love they deserve.
Still- it was the lowest priced food option in the vicinity of the Aquarium. If you’re hungry and you’re at the Aquarium, it’s a good budget option.
Make sure you tell whoever’s working at the Dog n Claw “The Hotdogman sent me.”

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