Dog Gone Ron’s in Needham, MA

Dog Gone Ron's in Needham, MA

National Hot Dog Month Tour stop number 30 brought me to my hometown of Needham, MA to a little hot dog cart known as Dog Gone Ron’s. After watching Needham native Ally Raisman (I graduated with her uncle) light up the gym in woman’s gymnastics at the Summer Olympics Sunday night, I got nostalgic and decided to grab a dog at Dog Gone Ron’s.

Dog Gone Ron's owner Eric Wegner

Dog Gone Ron’s owner, Eric Wegner, has been slinging hot dogs out of his little cart out in front of the Mobil gas station he owns since 2003. The guys at the Post Office across the street were having trouble getting catering trucks to come in after 911, so they pestered Eric into opening the hot dog cart. He claims to enjoy the hot dog business much more than the gas business!

Dog Gone Ron's cart

Eric found the cart used and isn’t even sure who built it. He claims keeping things simple has brought him success. He really enjoys his work, he chats up every customer that steps up for a hot dog or two. Other than dogs, it’s just chips and soda.

Old friends

It was lucky I chose this as my 30th stop. I ran into some old friends who were up visiting from Florida for the week. Haven’t seen these guys in years! They joined me for a hot dog and some reminiscing.

Dog Gone Ron's Dining room

We had a seat in the rustic dining room at Dog Gone Ron’s and talked about the good old days. My oldest daughter stopped by on her way home from the boxing gym she trains at around the corner. She was all sweaty from exercising and threatened me with a roundhouse right if I snapped a picture!


Another old friend stopped by too!. My buddy, T, had some business in town and pulled over when he saw Eric and I talking. T lives locally and we hang out as often as our busy family schedules allow. He’s even accompanied me on a hot dog story at Devo’s Dogs with our little girls (Little Miss’ debut).

Eric serving em up

Lots of folks at the cart were talking about Ally Raisman’s performance, but in the hot dogs were the real star today.

Dirty water style

Eric serves them up dirty water style. He sells about two hundred hot dogs a day on average!

All around crunchy

I loaded my dog up all around crunchy- a topping combo that’s become a National Hot Dog Month Tour standard. For the uninitiated, that’s mustard relish, onion, and Onion Crunch.

chowing down at Dog Gone Ron's

Some chowing down occurred shortly thereafter.

Enjoy the video!



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