Dog Day Afternoon in Northborough, MA

Dog Day Afternoon

The National Hot Dog Month Tour stopped at Dog Day Afternoon in Northborough, MA for the 27th stop today. Dog Day Afternoon is a classic Grumman body hot dog truck that sits at the side of Lyman street in Northborough. Owner Lori Stone has been working out of this truck for 10 years.

Dog Day Afternoon dining room

The truck’s not registered to drive on the road. It’s parked on her and her husband’s property, so they just drive it back up the driveway at the end of each day. They’ve carved out a nice seating area near the truck too. There is electric power at the pole, so there is no constant hum of a generator. Lori says she spends about $50 in gas for the year!

Open 11-2

Dog Day Afternoon is closed Mondays. They stay open through December and get back out around the first of April.


Lori spent 25 years as a bus driver before getting into the hot dog business. Her  father helped her build the truck ten years ago. It was a plain box truck that she customized to her specs. Lori like things made her way, that’s why she makes her own home made chili. It’s mild, but she has hot sauce and hot peppers for customers that want to heat things up.

Jalapeno Pearls

I suggested trying some Jalapeno Pearl Franks on the next customer who wants a kick!

my chili dog

After chatting for a while and yukking it up with a few customers, I ordered up a chili dog with mustard and onions.

chowing down at Dog Day Afternoon

Some chowing down occurred.

Good StuffThe chili was very good. I would recommend it if you stop at this truck.

I had a real nice time hanging out at Dog Day Afternoon.

Enjoy the Video


Happy National Hot Dog Month

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