Diezy’s Dogs 2011

Hotdogman Jr. is out of school, so I thought I would take him on a trip down memory lane. Actually, it was a trip down route 85 in Marlborough, Massachusetts.
We took a drive to 420 Maple Street in Marlborough (that’s route 85), to the spot I used to park my Hot Dog Truck. It’s right in the parking lot of Gold’s Gym. Our destination today: Diezy’s Dogs.
Diezy’s Dogs is housed in a beautifully restored and customized Everett Trolley Car. Trolley carts like these were made back in the 1960’s and you can still find them all around Boston. Campus Trolley is housed in one of these and there are many smaller versions scattered around downtown Boston as ticket kiosks for boston Trolley Tours.
They’re open from 11:30 AM to 4PM, Monday through Saturday.
It’s got a nice retro look to it, don’t you think?
There is full electric power, right from the pole to the trolley.
The dining area is very nicely done- it has a woman’s touch for sure.
Owner Diane Duprey bought the trolley two years ago from a woman who sold coffee out of it for nearly twenty years. Her brother, an auto body guy, restored it to mint condition. He gets all the hot dogs he can eat as payment! Diane is one of the many (and growing) ranks of Hot Dog Women who decided to start and run their own hot dog business.
The menu sports a full range of hot dogs from the old standards to a variety of specialty dogs.
There are also burgers, sausages, mac and cheese, baked potatoes, chili, and turkey wraps.
Diane let me peek around inside the trolley. It’s super clean and has enough room for two to work when she’s got a big catering gig or event. Here’s the grill.
Three big sinks!
All the condiments are ready to go.
Diane always has fresh lemonade or iced tea in the trolley- today she was rocking Arnold Palmers (iced tea and lemonade).
Here’s a couple of chili dogs going out. Diane makes her own chili from scratch daily (it is very tasty).
Here’s an Italian sausage with sauteed peppers and onions ready to go.
Hotdogman Jr. CHOWED DOWN on a chili cheese dog.
I got just a plain chili dog and…
Diane is a great lady (I like her because she laughs at my jokes) who makes scrumptious food in one of the coolest retro hot dog trailers I have ever seen.
The next time you’re going through Marlborough, stop by Diezy’s for a chili dog and tell Diane “the Hotdogman sent me.”
For the rest of the story, check out the video:


  1. I love following your blog and really enjoy the photos. There is so much variety in hot dogs and a wide range of flavors – it’s the most under appreciated food and offers so much variety. If you are every in the Seattle area, check out Picnic’s Hot Dogs in Kirkland – I’m certain you’ll find it a real pleasure!


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