Devo’s Dogs

For today’s journey, an old friend and I took our little girls out for a ride in the Hotdogman‘s convertible. We happened upon Trombetta’s Farm at 655 Farm Road in Marlborough, Massachusetts (about a mile from where I used to park my Hot Dog Truck).

Nestled amongst the geraniums, shrubbery and other assorted garden center fare is Marlborough’s finest example of haute dog cuisine:

Devo’s Dogs!

The place was pretty crowded: there was a bus load of kids there from a nearby summer camp- no worries though, it was a gorgeous day. I perused the menu, which offers much more than hot dogs


…and the Daily Specials…. 

…and the dining room, which is the nicest Hot Dog Stand dining room I have seen in my travels.

Once the campers were cleared out, I got a chance to chat with owner Chris Devoe (his nickname is “Devo”-like the band-hence the name of his establishment).

Chris has a varied back ground. He’s been a bartender, cook and he worked at Fidelity Investments. Like any other hot dog man (or woman), he always dreamed of having a business of his own. When his dad, who owned a carpet installation business, got hurt and couldn’t install carpets any more, they decided to go into the hot dog business. They went out and bought a BRAND NEW Wells Fargo Trailer decked out with all new kitchen equipment. It was obvious by peeking inside that no expense was spared-it’s a SWEET Hot Dog Trailer! Chris knows the Trombetta Family, so securing the location was a snap. Devo’s Dogs does catering too, but their primary business is the stand at Trombetta’s. Devo’s Dogs is open  7 Days a week: Monday-Thursday: 11am to 4pm; Friday: 11am to 8pm; and Saturday & Sunday: 11am to 4pm. They close January and February- no “chilly dogs” for Chris! Devo’s Dogs is in their 3rd season and, judging by the crowd there today, things are going very well for their hot dog business.


Even though there were many choices on the Devo Dog’s Menu, we were there for HOT DOGS. Devo’s Dogs serves up a steamed Kayem Old Time Frank served on a grilled bun (a Hot Dog Truck specialty).

My little girl got her standard plain hot dog.

My buddy’s kid had a hot dog with ketchup. This is allowed, since she is only seven years old- YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE KETCHUP ON A HOT DOG AFTER YOU TURN 18!

My buddy got two All Around.

I opted for the “Texan.” This is billed as a dog with chili, cheese, onions, BACON and jalapeno peppers. (I skipped the peppers). Look at that Hot Dog! If that picture doesn’t just scream “deliciously decadent,” I don’t know what does!

We got some fries to share.

Then it was time to CHOW DOWN!

This was one helluva good hot dog! I am a big fan of the grilled bun- to me a hot dog aint a hot dog unless it’s on a grilled bun! The chili was an all meat variety more reminiscent of a classic Coney Island Sauce in consistency but with a BBQ taste. It wasn’t overly spicy/hot, and it had a smoky/sweet flavor to it. Putting bacon on this bad boy just made it better (everyone knows anything tastes better with bacon). I used my chips to scoop up the spilled chili.

I asked the kids what they thought….


Devo’s Dogs is definitely worth the trip. Besides the fine cuisine served up by Chris and his staff, there’s mini golf for the kids and even an ice cream stand. When you stop by, tell Chris “the Hotdogman sent me.”

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