Dell’s Kitchen in Wareham, MA

Della of Dell's Kitchen

Day 14 of the National Hot Dog Month Tour found me in Wareham, Massachusetts at the Wareham High School outdoor basketball courts where I found a trailer with delicious smells wafting out of it  in the parking lot: Dell’s Kitchen. Owner Della Silvia (and most of her family) greeted Little Miss and myself with warmth and smiles. She says Dell’s Kitchen is a play on words on the popular Fox TV series starring everyone’s favorite profane chef.

The reason the trailer was parked here at the hoop courts is Dell’s Kitchen has scored the lucrative concession contract for the Wareham Junior Basketball League which plays- you guessed it- on Saturday mornings. Both Dell and her husband have been involved with the league as coaches and administrators for many years. Their ten year old was out there playing today.


Dell’s Kitchen truly is a family affair. Dell had her daughter, Kyla, and her niece helping out. Her husband, father in law and numerous other family members were milling about the trailer as well.

Della and Kyla

Dell’s isn’t a full time concern right now, they only do events and catering, but Della wants to go into the hot dog business full time after she retires in five years or so. Della is a full time construction laborer. Don’t let the pretty smile fool you, she looks like she could have decked me with one smack!

Dell's Kitchen menu

The menu has much more than hot dogs on it, but the dogs are the focus. Della LOVES her dogs and even shared a recipe for Hot Dog Soup! She was pretty proud of her FRESH chicken fingers. These are fresh chicken breast tenderloins that she breads herself right on the trailer and drops in the fryer to order. Fresh makes the difference- these were crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside and didn’t have that “frozen texture.” Kinda tasted like chicken!

Dell's Kitchen Fresh Chicken Fingers

It was quite clear Della takes pride in her food and in the spotless trailer she seems so at home in. This is Hot Dog Stories, so we moved on to the dogs. Dell’s Kitchen serves up a steamed dog that’s finished on the grill and served on a grilled, split top, New England style bun (which I LOVE). Little Miss had her standard half mustard, half plain.

Little Miss- half mustard, half plain

Little Miss Chowed down.

Little Miss Chows down at Dell's Kitchen

I opted for the Specialty of the House: the Cape Verdean Dog. This is a dog topped with Jag (a Cape Verdean rice and beans dish with linguica mixed in), Dell’s home made chili, and Velveeta. I popped som Onion Crunch on this hot mess and….

Cape Verdean Dog


Chowing Down at Dell's Kitchen

I can’t wait for Della to retire so I can get these dogs on a regular basis- this was good stuff! Little Miss and I give Dell’s Kitchen TWO THUMBS UP!!

Two thumbs up for Dell's kitchen



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