Nunan’s Lobster Hut in Cape Porpoise, Maine

I know this is hot Dog Stories, but every once in a while I like to step out of the box. Since Nunan’s is on my top five favorite restaurant list, I figured it was as good a place as any to get away from hot dogs- even if only for a day. They do […]

Hot Digity Dog in Kennebunk, Maine

The second stop on our Hot Dog Tour of Maine found Mrs. HDM and I in the town of Kennebunk. Right on route 1, just before the bridge entering downtown is a cool hot dog truck called Hot Digity Dog. Here’s a taste of our visit. Find out more about our visit to Hot Digity […]

Yank’s Franks in Wells, Maine

Mrs. HDM and I take a trip to Maine every summer for a long weekend sans children. We eat hot dogs, eat lobster, drink beer, and hit the beach- not necessarily in that order. Our first stop this year was Yank’s Franks in Wells, Maine… Read about our visit and our trip to Maine on […]

Rapid Ray’s

A lot of would-be hotdogmen think of their truck as the absolute, complete hot dog business. Oftentimes, this is true; but today’s story recalls a business that got started in a truck and grew to a much bigger and more permanent concern. On the last day before school started, I treated the girls to a […]

T.D. Dogs

On our recent cruise up the Maine coast, Mrs. Hotdogman and I found ourselves in the quaint and breathtakingly beautiful town of Biddeford Pool, Maine. Tweet

Fat Bellies Deli

I know this is supposed to be a Hot Dog Story, but I am going to digress this time. Mrs. Hotdogman and I were strolling down West Grand Avenue in Old Orchard Beach, Maine in search of nourishment when we happened upon Big Bellies Deli. What caught Mrs. Hotdogman‘s eye wasn’t the snazzy hand painted […]

Hot Digity Dog

While cruising the Maine coast last weekend, The Hotdogman and Mrs. Hotdogman found ourselves in the beautiful town of Kennebunk. Tweet

Karen’s On a Roll

While driving down good old Route 1 in Wells (or was it Ogunquit), Maine I spied this sign and simply HAD TO STOP. I like to check out fellow hot dog truck operators when I get the chance. Tweet