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Captain George's Fish n ChipsWhen you see “Captain George’s Fish n Chips” in a Hot Dog Stories title, you must be thinking something is amiss, but Mrs. Hotdogman likes to get “equal time” when we’re traveling, so today’s entry is a “Poutine Story.” You see, Poutine is Mrs. Hotdogman’s FAVORITE food and it’s a ubiquitous dish in most Canadian cafes. When we’re in Canada, she likes to lend her expertise as the world’s most renowned Poutine expert in the Hot Dog Stories format.

We were traveling in Canada, visiting her relatives in the lovely town of Port Perry, Ontario. The quaint village is often used in TV shows and movies as a backdrop for films requiring such a setting. We spent a bit of time browsing and strolling whilst soaking up the quaintness and got caught in a downpour right around lunch time. I suggested we dash into the nearest eaterie – Captain George’s Fish n Chips.

Captain George’s Fish n Chips Fare

Captain George’s Fish n Chips is a regional chain of fish n chips shops in Ontario. They have very good fried seafood and, as luck would have it, Poutine. Their Poutine is “Ontario style,” as opposed to Quebecoise Poutine. The main difference is in the type of cheese used. Ontario style features mozzarella chesse while Quebecoise Poutine uses cheddar cheese curds. Mrs. Hotdogman is a purist when it comes to her Poutine, so I wasn’t sure how she’d like this one.

Grading Poutine

When it comes to hot dogs, I don’t rate, I celebrate. Mrs. Hotdogman WILL assign a “grade” to her Poutine, and she rates it on the following criteria:

The Fries need to be crisp to stand up to the gravy and cheese. Crinkle cut fries don’t do it for her – they need to be a straight cut (preferably hand cut) and they need to have a dark golden coloring.

The Gravy should be hearty and hot. Wimpy gravies won’t cut it. Flavorful, rich, brown beef gravy is the best.

The Cheese should always be fresh, cheddar cheese curds. Anything less, and it isn’t authentic.

The “Meltyness” is a term used by Mrs. Hotdogman for the overall balance of the Poutine. The gravy should melt the cheese appropriately so there’s even distribution of the Poutine’s yumminess throughout the entire dish. The perfect Poutine has one fry left with a bit of cheese and a dollop of gravy when eating is finished.

To see how Mrs. Hotdogman rates the Poutine at Captain George’s Fish and Chips, watch the video!

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  1. Yank's Franks says

    Appearance-wise it looked like a 10 to me. I’m stahvin’

  2. Wrong cheese! You can get the proper cheese north of Belleville at Maple Dale Cheese!

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