Bobby’s Beach Bistro in Venice, FLA

Bobby's Beach Bistro

Bobby’s Beach Bistro was the last place we had hot dogs on our recent Florida vacation. The fully functioning commercial kitchen in a trailer is steps from the beach at the Venice Fishing Pier and is owned by Sharky’s, a popular beach-side bar and restaurant. Proprietor Bobby Fiorini is a snowbird who summers on Cape Cod. He works with Sharky’s at his beach front trailer to help ease the wait at the popular eatery and to provide simple fare for hungry beach-goers and pier fishermen.

Bobby was quite a character and wasn’t intimidated by the camera at all. He actually appeared in the movie The Perfect Storm¬†with George Clooney. Bobby was an extra and filmed on the set for about three weeks.

While his film credits were impressive, we were more impressed by the quarter pound, Nathan’s Franks grilled up fresh to order. Condiments are your basics: kraut, onions, relish, mustard, and that red stuff- put out strictly for the kids. Bobby doesn’t put ketchup on HIS hot dogs. In addition to hot dogs, Bobby’s offers burgers, sausages, chicken sandwiches, lobster rolls, chowder, and a host of fried goodies.

We chatted Bobby up for a bit and ordered up three dogs, one for me, one for Mrs. HDM (looking very good in her bikini), and one for Little Miss. Little Miss went back for seconds; she can really put the food away. Our pediatrician says she has a high metabolism, so we need to keep feeding her in order for her to put on some weight. Little Miss doesn’t mind that one bit.

Mrs. HDM and I dressed our dogs all around- that’s mustard, relish, and onion. Little Miss dressed hers half mustard, half plain. We did a group chow down.

Having hot dogs in Paradise is a wonderful thing. Check out the video:

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