Bill’s Dog House

Who knew Framingham had so many places for a Hot Dog? Today my son and I took a ride down Union Ave. to the Elk’s Club parking lot.

This is the home of one of the newer Hot Dog places on the scene, Bill’s Dog House.

Owner Bill Biedugnis has had this trailer and spot for two years and he appears to be doing a brisk business. Bill’s no stranger to the food biz; he owned and operated Bill’s Grill in Framingham for 21 years!

Bill’s Grill is still open, under different ownership. Bill sold out a few years ago because he wanted a change and he wanted to try something less stressful while still staying in the food business. He’s not a “classically trained” chef, but when he got out of school, he went to work for one of his aunts who owned a small local cafe and took to cooking like, well, like mustard to a hot dog! He says he has a real passion for cooking and he’s made it his life’s work.

Bill now spends his days serving up quality comfort food out of his well appointed hot dog trailer.
The menu is your standard Hot Dog Truck type fare.


The “Special” caught my eye…

…so I ordered up a couple.

MMMMMM, looks yummy!

Junior opted for an Italian Sausage (with NO CONDIMENTS-ugh)

After putting on some mustard, relish and onions (that’s called an All Around Dog in these parts),


we retired to the spacious dining room


The dogs were standard Kayem Old Time Franks-no grilled buns at Bill’s, but I bet he would have grilled the buns had I asked (I will next time). The most impressive part of the meal was the fries. These were perfectly cooked in fresh oil and were hot and crisp-just the way I like them. A definite A+ for the fries!
Bill’s Dog House is open 10:30ish to 3 ish from May 1-October 1. When Bill is done slinging dogs at the Doghouse for the season, he heads down to Key West, Florida for the winter where he works as a chef at Turtle Kraals Restaurant and Bar.
A hotdogman in the summer and a Key West Chef in the winter-it doesn’t suck to be Bill!


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    Mal Grant

  2. Wondering if Bill is opening this year or has moved to a new location?

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