Beezers in Northborough, MA


Day 17 of the National Hot Dog Month Tour found us in Northborough, Massachusetts at the home of a new, old local favorite: Beezers. Owners Steve and Linda Bock, both Chicago natives, served the Metrowest area’s only authentic Chicago hot dogs. Their hot dog business is named after their oldest daughter (now 31) whose nickname is “Beezer.” She spent many years working, alongside many of her friends, at the old location.

Beezers closed in 2010

Beezers was a Northborough hot dog institution for 12 years before losing their lease.  A pall fell over the community on the dark day back in April of 2010; since then, the couple has been scouting locations. When the Trombetta family decided to expand their nursery and home made ice cream empire by adding a Northborough location, they realized they had some extra space, so they contacted the Bocks.

beezers new location

Steve and Linda jumped at the opportunity and opened Beezers up again last month. They have a slightly smaller operation now, but they hope to grow their business once again. The main attraction at Beezers is the Chicago Dog.

Red Hot Chicago

Instead of the more familiar Vienna Beef franks many folks associate with Chicago dogs, Beezers uses Red Hot Chicago franks. Red Hot Chicago was started by the grandson of one of Vienna’s founders. He started Red Hot Chicago in 1986 and sparked the “the great Chicago wienie wars.” It seems Vienna sued Red Hot for a whole host of reasons, including trademark infringement. Hot Dog Stories won’t get into the legalities of this dispute; let’s just say we’ll let the lawyers be the wieners in this one. Any way you slice it, these are real Chicago Dogs.

Beezers menu

The menu features a Chicago Italian Beef Sandwich and a plethora of hot dog combinations.

Chatting with Steve at Beezers

We were there early, so I had plenty of time to chat with Steve about Beezers’ rebirth, hot dogs, and how damn hot it was outside!

Denise at Beezers

Denise, Steve’s helper today, took our order. Both Drew and I got Chicago Dogs.

A Chicago Dog at Beezers


Chowing down at Beezers

There is NOTHING like a genuine Chicago Dog; it is a true explosion of flavor and I never pass up the opportunity to have one, Hot Dog Month Tour or not. Northborough residents are happy to have Beezers back, and so is the Hotdogman. I wish the Bocks well in their new/old venture!



Happy National Hot Dog month from Beezers

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  1. Rebecca (aka Beezer) says

    Thanks HotDogMan for coming by my parent’s place!!! We hope to see you again!

    • hotdogman says

      Beezer lives! I LOVE Chicago Dogs- I’d move to Chicago if it weren’t so damn cold. It was a fun visit- good people in Northboro.

  2. Can I get one with mayo only, please!

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