Beantown Franks n Spuds

Beantown Franks n Spuds on the Rose F. Kennedy Greenway

Beantown Franks ‘n Spuds is a little hot dog cart out on the Rose F. Kennedy Greenway in Boston. The Rose F. Kennedy Greenway is a winding swath of park lands in downtown Boston that sits atop the Central Artery Tunnel. When I was growing up, it was a dingy stretch of road shrouded by an elevated highway. It was a paved, exhaust fumed, dirty stretch of city that has been vastly improved by the Big Dig. You would have never seen a set up like Beantown Franks ‘n Spuds in this area as little as ten years ago. Now, it’s an emerald gem in beautiful downtown Boston and another great place to get a hot dog!

I start my National Hot Dog Month Tour in a couple of days and Little Miss is off to camp for a few weeks, so I decided to take a day and visit the New England Aquarium and stroll around the city with her before the manic pace of July sets in. We had a grand time at the Aquarium watching the seals and sea lions and petting sting rays. Once we’d seen all there was to see, we went for a walk along the harbor and the Rose F. Kennedy Greenway. When it was time for lunch, she wanted hot dogs. The guy at Beantown Franks ‘n Spuds was happy to oblige.

Beantown Franks ‘n Spuds is a little hot dog cart set near the fountains in the center of the Greenway. The guy working the cart called it a magical spot. I’ll have to admit, it was a great location for a hot dog cart. Since Beantown Franks ‘n Spuds was serving up grilled Pearl All Natural Beef Franks, I had no problem honoring Little Miss’ request for hot dogs. You can feel good about serving your kids a Pearl Frank.

We chatted up the young guy working the cart, chowed down, and went on to enjoy the rest of a near perfect day in America’s Hometown.

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