Auggie Dogs in Methuen, MA

Auggie Dogs sign

Stop number 25 on the National Hot Dog Month Tour found me at Auggie Dogs in Methuen, MA. This hot dog cart, owned by dogtrepreneur Paul Sandgren, sits right on the Massachusetts/New Hampshire border. You can literally order in one stae while your lunch is cooked in another. Paul named his new business- only open since March- after the family pet, Auggie.


Methuen is an interesting name; it’s an old Native American word meaning “land of people who put ketchup on hot dogs!” The only person I encountered who DIDN’T put ketchup on their hot dogs was Paul’s son Nicholas- and he’s nine!

Ketchup Shirt

Paul couldn’t resist teasing me about it!

The Auggie Dogs Family

The whole Auggie Dogs family was out in force today. Young Nicholas was helping out with making change and Paul’s wife Michele was inventing ways to avoid the camera’s eye. She did not succeed! Paul hopes to get a second cart for Michele in the future so Auggie Dogs can be a true family hot dog business. The National Hot Dog Month Tour brings me in contact with lots of folks, and the Sandgren family were good people. They seem to be enjoying their new venture.

Ted's Mobile

Paul has a great location for his hot dog cart, which he purchased used on Craigslist. He’s right out on busy route 28 in the parking lot of Ted’s State Line Mobil on the Methuen, MA/ Salem, NH border. The state line runs right through the parking lot. Paul actually had to move his cart on the property because his first location was  in Salem, NH and he has permits for Methuen.

ATM at Auggie Dogs

Another nice feature of Auggie Dogs’ location is they are literally right next to an ATM kiosk. Paul sometimes guesses whether or not people are walking up to his hot dog cart or the ATM.

sausage and peppers on the grill

More often than not, after folks going to the ATM get a whiff of the onions, peppers and sausages on the grill, they stop and get some food. The other good thing is Paul never has to worry about customers being short on cash!

The cart

Auggie Dogs’ kitchen is a standard hot dog cart and a gas grill. He does his dogs dirty water style- he’ll grill them on request- and he uses the grill for sausages. Paul was worried about the brisk wind today; sometimes they blow out the burners on his gas grill.


Auggie Dogs offers jalapeno peppers, onions, and relish. There’s also shredded cheese, “squeeze cheese,” brown and yellow mustard, the red stuff, chili, celery salt, and Onion Crunch to dress the dogs with.

Line at Auggies

Auggies had a steady stream of customers- all of them ketchup lovers! Paul sold quite a few sausages while I was there too.

My Auggie Dog

Paul made me up a hot dog topped with what I have come to call “all around crunchy.” That’s mustard, onion, relish, and Onion Crunch.

Chowing Down at Auggie Dogs

Nicholas joined me in chowing down. BOTH his parents put ketchup on a hot dog- he goes for cheese!

I wish the Sandgren family well in their new venture and I hope they find continued success in the hot dog cart business.



Happy National Hot Dog Month

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  1. I love Paul’s shirt! I wouldn’t wear it, but I love it. Rob, you might want to check the Federal laws regarding carrying a ketchup laden hot dog from one State to another. I believe it’s a Federal offense to cross State lines.
    Good luck Paul and family.

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