10th Annual New Jersey Hot Dog Tour

New Jersey Hot Dog TourOn September 21, 2013, about 40 kindred souls hopped on a bus for the 10th Annual New Jersey Hot Dog Tour. This event is put together by John Fox and Erwin Benz, two guys who know their hot dogs. The pair first started the New Jersey Hot Dog Tour when people who read their forum posts on Roadfood.com about their favorite places asked them to organize a tour. It started with a few guys in a couple of cars driving around to different joints and morphed into an event that attracts people from all over the world.

New Jersey Hot Dog Tour Stops

The 10th Annual New Jersey Hot Dog Tour included 7 stops: The Galloping Hill Inn, Jimmy Buff’s, Marci’s Dog House, Father and Sons, Munce’s Hot Dog Truck, The Hot Grill, and Rutt’s Hutt. Each establishment has its own unique style, whether for the kind of hot dog served, specialty toppings, or both. With the exception of Marci’s Dog House, each place has a history going back 50 years or more!

I captured the 10th Annual New Jersey Hot Dog Tour on video to give folks who couldn’t attend a feel for each stop and for the general atmosphere. It is a fun way to spend a day – especially if you like hot dogs! This year’s video includes an interview with Steve “the Champ” Keiner, winner of the 1999 Nathan’s Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating contest. Keiner has a few things to say about how that contest should be run!

There’s also a good discussion about the origins of “Coney Island Sauce.” The entire tour is narrated by Michael “Screen Bear” Goldberger. His “on board” commentary on the bus provides continuity and flow to the video. As always, we poke some fun at folks who put “the red stuff” on their dogs!

Enjoy the video!

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