$1,000 Hot Dog Night

Holman Stadium


The Nashua Silver Nights, Futures Collegiate Baseball League 2011 Champions, host $1,000 Hot Dog Night once every season. Last year, Business Development Manager Tim Geromini invited me up to throw out the first pitch; it was one of my stops on the 2011 National Hot Dog Month Tour.

This year, they held the promotion on June 26- a few days too early to be an “official stop” for the National Hot Dog Month 2012 Tour. That didn’t stop The Hotdogman from heading out to the ballpark. It was a beautiful summer evening in a very cozy and historic old ball park. Once again, I was invited to throw out the first pitch and eat the ceremonial first hot dog of the night.

Sargent Matthew Berish of the U.S. Army joined me in the “first pitch duties,” but I pulled rank on him when it came to eating the first hot dog. You see, Sargent Berish puts ketchup on his hot dogs! He was a good sport, and I don’t think he had to buy a beer all night, Nashua Silver Knights fans support the troops!

Holman Stadium is a great place to watch a game. It has the old-time feel of Fenway Park with more legroom, free parking, and much more affordable prices. You can treat the whole family to a night out at the ball park for the cost of one Red Sox ticket! It’s good baseball too. The Futures Collegiate Baseball League has expanded to nine teams this season and it features some of the top college baseball players in the nation. The Knights trounced the Wachussett Dirt Dogs 9-1.

For fans with younger kids, there is plenty to do for the little ones. There are bouncy houses, basketball, coloring, and in between innings, kids participate in a variety of on field activities. They even let the kids run around the bases at the end of the game. All in all, it was a fun night out. Drew, from the Benspark blog brought his family- our daughters hit it off. My son came along too. It’s a great place for a little family fun on a summer night.

We shot a ton of footage, some of it will be used in upcoming Hot Dog Stories. The gang in the concession stand provided me with a ton of  “out-takes and bloopers” material.

Enjoy the video.

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